2018 Sales - Karaka - Book 1

Lot Colour Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Location Price
34 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Arapaho Miss (AUS) O'Brien Thoroughbreds Victoria $120,000
62 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) Belleza Laming Racing Victoria $90,000
71 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Bislieri (AUS) Psd, Res $100,000
105 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Chateau Latour (AUS) Psd, Res $125,000
119 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Concert Girl (AUS) John Foote Bloodstock Queensland $160,000
120 Bay Colt El Roca (AUS) Conferre (AUS) Psd, Res $45,000
148 Bay Colt Rothesay (AUS) Decibel (AUS) Withdrawn
149 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Decking (AUS) Woppitt Bloodstock New South Wales $130,000
155 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Derrydane Mr S Gray Singapore $180,000
178 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Dunbarton (AUS) Busuttin Racing Victoria $95,000
181 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Eclaircissement (AUS) Psd, Res $65,000
183 Brown Colt Redwood (GB) Ella Maree (AUS) Proven Thoroughbreds / Alexander Racing New South Wales $75,000
186 Bay Colt Charm Spirit (IRE) Enduja (AUS) Mulcaster Bloodstock Auckland $100,000
207 Bay Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Festive Joy (AUS) Withdrawn
209 Brown Filly Brazen Beau (AUS) Fifty Eight Facets (AUS) Ontrack Thoroughbreds Queensland $160,000
224 Chestnut Colt Shooting to Win (AUS) Fromage (AUS) Team Rogerson Waikato $160,000
230 Bay Colt Hallowed Crown (AUS) Given With Love (AUS) Diamond Lodge Waikato $75,000
234 Bay Colt El Roca (AUS) Go Kate Go (AUS) Upstage Bloodstock / Parklea Thoroughbreds Waikato $80,000
235 Bay Filly Smart Missile (Aus) Golden Sparkle Sheamus Mills Bloodstock Victoria $40,000
242 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Gypsy Jewels (AUS) Mr SF Ritchie Hong Kong $75,000
247 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Helen of Rose (AUS) Mr P Kaewmongkolsri Thailand $85,000
268 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Inara Belle Go Racing Auckland $50,000
270 Bay Filly Zoustar (AUS) In Conference (AUS) Psd, Res $25,000
347 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Lotteria (AUS) Psd, Res $100,000
374 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Mezzaluna Henderson Racing & Breeding / Cook Bloodstock / Andrew Williams Bloodstock New South Wales $70,000
388 Bay Colt Smart Missile (Aus) Miss Judged Bitchoice Thoroughbreds Auckland $60,000
390 Brown Colt More Than Ready (USA) Miss la Frenz De Burgh Equine / Shadwell Ireland $230,000
401 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Modern Lady Psd, Res $65,000
414 Brown Colt Reliable Man (GB) Morton Babe MJY Investments New South Wales $85,000
416 Bay Colt Sepoy (AUS) Mrs Kennedy (AUS) Archer Equine Investments Auckland $90,000
444 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Oh So Royal (AUS) DGR Thoroughbred Services / John Thompson Racing New South Wales $220,000
445 Bay Filly Charm Spirit (IRE) Ombre Rose Bruce Perry Bloodstock Wellington $180,000
472 BB Colt I Am Invincible (AUS) Petty Cury (AUS) Ellerslie Lodge New South Wales $370,000
486 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Postmans Daughter Upper Bloodstock Hong Kong $210,000
516 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Renediym (AUS) Psd, Res $45,000
526 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Romeo's Princess Psd, Res $55,000
537 Chestnut Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Saffron Hill (AUS) Team Rogerson Waikato $85,000
558 Chestnut Filly Reliable Man (GB) Scene Queen (AUS) Qiji Bloodstock Auckland $35,000
584 Brown Colt El Roca (AUS) Sierra Gold (AUS) Busuttin Racing Victoria $65,000
615 Bay Colt Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Spina Rosa (AUS) Cliff Brown Racing Singapore $140,000
634 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Suppose (USA) Mr CL Chan Hong Kong $45,000
636 Bay Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Sweepstaking (AUS) Go Racing Auckland $75,000
639 Chestnut Colt Toronado (IRE) Syllabus (AUS) Psd, Res $30,000
640 Brown Filly Reliable Man (GB) Symphony Rock (AUS) Go Racing Auckland $45,000
649 Bay Colt Savabeel (AUS) The First Lady (AUS) Team Rogerson Waikato $250,000
665 Bay Filly Pins (AUS) Treasure the Cross (IRE) Mr SB Laming Queensland $80,000
679 BG Colt Reliable Man (GB) Valley of Pentire Mr SB Marsh Waikato $75,000
684 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Veva Girl (AUS) Te Keeti Bloodstock / Richardson Racing Bay of Plenty $230,000
691 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Visa Lisa (AUS) Olsen Partnership Waikato $255,000
696 Chestnut Filly Makfi (GB) Wednesday Rocks Bruce Perry Bloodstock Wellington $100,000

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