2018 Sales - Karaka - Book 2

Lot Colour Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Location Price
717 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) Amarantha Psd, Res $45,000
727 Chestnut Colt Makfi (GB) Bacio del Vinto (AUS) Baker Racing Waikato $90,000
729 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Bannisters (AUS) Tartan Meadow Bloodstock Hong Kong $60,000
732 Chestnut Colt El Roca (AUS) Bead of Courage De Burgh Equine / Darby Racing New South Wales $50,000
738 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Betty Blockbuster Mr SF Ritchie Waikato $55,000
762 Chestnut Filly Sepoy (AUS) Cast Your Vote (AUS) Mr N Tiley / Mr LJ Howl Auckland $55,000
774 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Claudy Eire (AUS) Psd, Res $15,000
783 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Crystal Hill (AUS) Psd, Res $45,000
784 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) Daly Charm (AUS) Psd, Res $35,000
786 BB Filly Redwood (GB) Dane Promise (AUS) Psd, Res $55,000
793 Chestnut Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Deutsche (AUS) John White Bloodstock Waikato $75,000
815 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Equivalence (AUS) Ible Racing / DJI Bloodstock New South Wales $30,000
851 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Havana Miss (AUS) Psd, Res $45,000
883 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Lady's Wish (USA) Psd, Res $35,000
887 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Lichen Moss (AUS) Import Racing New South Wales $35,000
898 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Lychee (AUS) Markwood Lodge Waikato $10,000
919 Chestnut Filly El Roca (AUS) Miss Heartbeat (AUS) Psd, Res $25,000
920 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Miss Juventus (AUS) D & E Browne/Sparta Bloodstock Waikato $45,000
926 Bay Filly Mossman (AUS) Monolith Miss (AUS) Fraser Auret Racing Whanganui $40,000
940 Chestnut Colt El Roca (AUS) Palace Crown (AUS) Withdrawn
961 Bay Colt Reliable Man (GB) Quality Dream (AUS) Messrs E Nakhle Auckland $75,000
965 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Ready and Able (AUS) Withdrawn
966 Chestnut Colt Husson (ARG) Ready My Sienna (AUS) Okaharau Station Hawkes Bay $66,000
969 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) Redwood Forest (AUS) Rahuikiri Ltd Wellsford $15,000
970 Chestnut Filly El Roca (AUS) Regal Kiss (AUS) Mr W Ormond New South Wales $25,000
982 Bay Filly Makfi (GB) Scattered Dreams (AUS) Mr J Foote / Mr D Weir Victoria $55,000
983 Chestnut Filly Stratum (AUS) Schiffer (AUS) Mr AJ Moore Auckland $85,000
994 Brown Filly Redwood (GB) She's Sweet (AUS) Mr SF Ritchie Waikato $35,000
1008 BB Colt Redwood (GB) Singa Songa (AUS) Mr DW Mayers Auckland $30,000
1034 Bay Colt Pins (AUS) Strenua Withdrawn
1042 Bay Colt Sepoy (AUS) Tennessee Love (AUS) Mr W Ormond New South Wales $125,000
1043 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Testa's Big Lassie (AUS) Paul Moroney Bloodstock Victoria $50,000
1052 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Torlundy Psd, Res $35,000
1073 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Wolfmother (AUS) Psd, Res $25,000

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